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I deserved this point.
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I want to stop running away from everything.
I want to find something to run toward.
- Hannah Harrington, Saving June (via soulsscrawl)

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If you’re with her and wish you were
elsewhere then leave. One of the
cruelest things you can do is make a person
feel like home when to you they’re only
- Beau Taplin || T E M P O R A R Y    L I V I N G    A R R A N G E M E N T S (via afadthatlastsforever)

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Josh Beech by Angelo Kritikos
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Johnny Depp as Wade Walker in Cry-Baby (1990)
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When I saw you I couldn’t help but think that you looked like heaven. And I felt like hell.
I need to kiss you so badly. One of those kisses where I’m pressing against you as much as possible and my hands are in your hair and moving down your back, clutching to you in any way I can, kissing you as deeply as possible and thinking you’re mine, mine mine. - Me, to you. (via ohhhkat)

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I really want this kind of marriage